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Total Football Academy



Total Tots


Our Total Tots programme is focused on getting our kids enjoying football.



We teach our players to be confident on the ball, to become technical and learn to win.

Power Skills


Power Skills is a one day session where we teach players unique and exciting football skills.

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"Footballers from the streets are more important than trained coaches."

- Johan Cruyff

Total Football Academy was founded on the philosophy of Johan Cruyff’s Total Football. His quote above emphasises the importance of learning by trying. At Total Football Academy our coaches guide the players and allow them to learn by trying and making mistakes without judgement. More recently, we have seen Pep Gaurdiola transform this philosophy into modern football. With an attacking style of play, a total footballer needs the tools to execute this philosophy:


  1. Good technique

  2. Insight and vision

  3. Personality

  4. Skill

Through our technical and small-sided games, we develop all four of those aspects of a player.